Saturday, 7 January 2017

Master Silverback

I was asked to design a mascot and branding character for a new BJJ tournament here in the UK. It's called the National Masters BJJ Championships and is the first one dedicated just for over 30 year olds.

As soon as I was told of the project, the first idea I had was of an old, greying but still very fierce silverback gorilla character, here's the preliminary sketch:

Which as you can see, is very close to how I completed the final version.

Although I decided the ripped up and torn gi uniform was not worth going ahead with. A true Masters competitor was only wear his or her finest gi!

This project isn't quite over. I still need to draw a T-shirt version of this character and a medal, both of which means I will have to simplify the lines and colours used in the poster version.

For more details of this event, visit the registration website and Facebook page.


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