Wednesday 15 August 2012

24 hour grapplethon charity tee and poster

I was asked to provide some support for a charity event - the 24 hour Grapplethon in aid of Meningitis UK. The above poster features my design; female kabuki character choking out a Japanese demon using a rear naked choke. The concept continues the theme I used on my previous charity design for Tap Cancer Out.

I first formed the idea in my head and then sketched it down in my notebook. I don't bother carrying around a full sketchpad anymore when I am commuting to work, I find a small lined notebook cheaper and easier to pack into my day bag.

As you can see, it is a little crude but was enough to show to the organiser of the event to win his approval. I then began to research Japanese kabuki mask characters in more detail. It's a fascinating art form not too dissimilar to Chinese opera, which I am a little more familiar with, having attended several operas when in China.

Once I had established certain details I wanted included in my final mask designs, I set to work on Illustrator. I drew each mask separately and then combined them on a new worksheet. The flowers are significant as they are Forget-me-nots, the chosen flower of the charity itself.

The images above are close-ups of the t-shirt we had printed. As you can see, I reprised the front design by rejigging the faces so they are looking sideways at one another. I was in a dilemma whether the outline the whole of the back design with a box, but in the end I left it borderless.

If you wish to donate to the event (which I will be taking part in as well), then please visit the sponsor page here:


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