Friday 22 December 2017

Divine Bow & Arrow

In 2014 I first drew a female character defeating a demon via bow and arrow for the Bristol Grapplethon. I decided to update the concept for a rashguard for my own Meerkatsu brand.

The Divine Bow & Arrow is a male and female fit rashguard and also a female only 3/4 length grappling tights.

They are all available at my store:

Here's more background to how I put it together:

The original bow and arrow T-shirt featured a female grappler wearing a BJJ gi. I wanted my new updated version to follow the pattern exhibited by my four other Japanese Lady style rashguards (Omoplata, Wristlock, Footlock and Kimura).

1. Line art I drew in 2014 for the original bow and arrow Grapplethon Tee

2. Flipped the image and rotated it more to my liking

3. Drew a new sketch using the 2014 drawing as a reference

4. Using Manga Studio and Illustrator, I created the colour version of this design. the peony flower background and elements feature widely across the design.

5. Final his and hers rashguard tops 

6. Ladies fit grappling tights

7. Meerkatsu-sponsored Abbie O'Toole (@armbar.queen) wearing her Divine Bow & Arrow spats

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