Monday, 4 December 2017

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Story Book

I created another colouring in book - see here for details.
Following the success of my first colouring in book, I created a second volume this time based around familiar fairy tales, nursery rhymes and folk tales. There's a very rich list with which to mine and I probably only covered a small fraction of all the possibilities. It was very good fun to draw new pieces and revamp older ones from before.

The Rapunzel character I drew is one of my favourites, and it was wildly popular on Instagram, hence why she stars on the front cover:

For each drawing, I accompanied the artwork with a very brief few words to simulate the idea of story book narration but with references to BJJ technique.

The back cover features another one of my favourites - the princess and the frog. Instead of kissing the frog, the princess chooses to use a technique called Kiss of the Dragon! A pun that I couldn't resist, although may be beyond some of my younger readers.

The quality of the books printed by Blurb is excellent. For the record, I used the Tradebook format and the paper used was Economy Colour. Despite the name, the paper is actually better than the Deluxe version as it is nicer to draw and colour on. It should be thick enough to not show the ink through, although I would recommend using pencils instead of markers.

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