Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Drawing a killer bee

Here's a speeded up video showing me drawing a killer bee character from very first pencil lines to finished vector.

I'll be drawing over a dozen of these bees for the next Honey Badger incarnation for my client Tatami Fightwear.

Some initial sketches...

Looking at photos of real honeybees, it's interesting to note how alien like their head shape is. Their massive compound eyes look like futuristic space traveller helmets and their legs are really chunky, not like a spindly insect ought to be.

Africanised 'killer' honeybee / Wikipedia
For some reason I only drew my killer bees with four legs instead of six. The latter,although anatomically accurate, look too messy when drawn on a cartoon. Even Disney agree with me.

Stay tuned for more updates on my killer bee and honey badger project.


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