Saturday, 21 November 2015

Derwent canvas pencil wrap (30)

Bought a Derwent pen wrap to house my pencils and fineliners. It's feels pretty cheaply made (cost me £5.92 through Amazon) but it seems more or less to do the job. The elasticated pencil loops are quite narrow and are only ideal for holding pencils (obviously) but when you try to squeeze in something a bit wider, it loses its elasticity. The result is when you wrap up the unit, pencils not held tight can fall out from the open end. Only one loop is affected so far, so I'm keeping a rigid system where loops are used for specific pens or pencils. There are some wider loops which I use for the much thicker marker pens. It can also hold a pencil sharpener and eraser. I like the plastic flap that covers the pencil tips.

Anyway, not bad for a touch over a fiver and a handy way to carry a fairly bulky amount of drawing materials out and about.


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