Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Ewok vs Stormtrooper

To celebrate 4th May unofficial International Star Wars day, I decided to paint an Ewok. In my piece of fan art, the Ewok has taken down a Stormtrooper single handedly and is beating him senseless. They may look cute, but Ewoks are hard boiled assassins!

Here is a break down of the working process:-

1. Quick sketch in Manga Studio Pro, to get a rough layout and position of the characters.

2. Brush tool in MSP used to flesh out the characters a bit more.

3. I changed the arm of the Ewok from aiming a punch to hoisting aloft a spear. The dynamic seemed to work a lot better this way.

4. Inking up the Stormtrooper. Here you'll notice I added in a gun.

5. I painted the characters in Photoshop.

6. I saved and then imported the above character art into free digital painting program Krita so I could paint the background. All the layers I used caused a lot of freezing and handling problems in Krita. Despite this, there were a number of brushes and effects I really like in Krita.

7. The final artwork - which can be purchased on RedBubble.


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