Monday, 21 July 2014

Pens and stuff

I've been shopping at the ludicrously addictive website Cult Pens and bought some new items which I will write about later. But in a mild bout of OCD, I decided to do a pen inventory of my art box, and here is the current line up (minus a bunch of duplicate pens and misc pens that I never use).

The brush pens (A) are new. I will be giving them a play around soon and posting up the results here. All the fineliners in (B) and (F) are the same ones I wrote about in my fineliner review.

The Posca and Kurecolour markers were bought solely for my series of canvas shoe and baseball hat artworks. I'm keen to do more, mainly so that I can make further use of these excellent colour markers.

The white pens (H) are new, one is a Tippex pen, the other is a Uni-Ball Signo Broad Gel Pen, which I have read reviews saying it is the best opaque white liner pen in town. White pens are vital for my drawings where I have to capture lots of white hair and fur. Even when drawing on white paper, a white pen has considerable use combined with the black colour fineliners.

Pencils, eraser and sharpeners are everyday tools for my sketches. The rest are kind of extras that fill my artbox but rarely get an outing. I definitely want to try some more calligraphy, or rather, my own shaky attempts at gothic hand lettering. In fact another one of the new pens I bought is a very wide nib calligraphy pen which I'm dying to test out.


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