Thursday, 30 January 2014

Year of the Horse

Today, January 31st is the Chinese New Year. It's year of the horse so I thought it would be a nice opportunity to draw my own vision of a leaping, galloping, frolicking horsey. Here's how I did it...

From top to bottom: I began with a very quick sketch in pencil. I didn't use any photo references so the proportions might be all wrong. As long as it looked vaguely horse-like I felt it was ok. The next stage I traced over this initial sketch with a better pencil rough. I used layout paper for this. It seemed to look near to what I imagined so I went straight to inking, using a lightbox to see the second sketch underneath my Bristol Board. The pens I used were the Micron, Copics and Sharpies.

I scanned the final drawing into Photoshop and played around with textures and layer blends.


  1. Beautiful! I really like seeing the behind the scenes like this! Appreciate you sharing. Have you done the other Chinese zodiacs? I know you did the rooster for the spats, but I can't offhand remember if you did any of the others.

    1. It's a long term project to complete the Chinese zodiac. Yes rooster was one (my own sign) so I'll try to do another soon. Any suggestions?

  2. Looking forward to your Libra!! I turn 50 in October...think it will be ready for me to celebrate?! I love all your designs. I used to wear only plain training gear because I couldn't see myself wearing TapOut-type gear. Your designs are beautifully fierce without being too aggressive.